Text Abbreviations:

Abbreviation Meaning
AF / ASF as fuck, such as "I'm bored af"
AFAIK / AFAICT as far as I know / can tell
AFK away from keyboard
ASAP as soon as possible
ASL age/sex (gender)/location (often a request) (could mean American Sign Language instead!)
BRB be right back
BTW by the way
CYA / SYA see ya
DIY do it yourself
DL down-low (secret)
ETA estimated time of arrival
FFS for fuck's sake
FOMO fear of missing out
FTLOG for the love of god
FU fuck you
GLHF good luck, have fun
GTG got to go
HMU hit me up
HW homework
IDC / IDRC I don't (really) care
IDK / IDRK / IDEK I don't (really/even) know
IIRC if I remember correctly
IKR I know right
ILY I love you
IMHO / IMO in my honest/humble opinion
IRL in real life
IYMI / ICYMI In case/if you missed it
JIC just in case
JK just kidding
JSYK just so you know
LGTM looks good to me
LMAO laughing my ass/arse off
LMK let me know
LOL laugh out loud
LSR loser
NBCOY / NBCOU not because of you
NMU not much, you?
NP no problem
NSFW not safe for work, usually sexual or gross content
NVM / NM nevermind OR not (very) much
NW no worries
OC original content
OG original (original gangster)
OMFG oh my fucking god
OMG oh my god/goodness
OMW on my way
PAFD put a finger down (used on TikTok, similar to the "Never have I ever" game)
PLS / PLZ please
PPL people
QT cutie
RL real life
RN right now
ROLF rolling on the floor laughing
RT retweet (used on Twitter)
RUOK are you okay?
SFW safe for work, opposite of NSFW
SMH shaking my head
SMTH / SMTHN something
SRSLY seriously
STFU shut the fuck up
SYS see you soon
TBA to be announced
TBC to be continued
TBD to be decided/determined
TBH to be honest
THX thanks
TIL today I learned
TL;DR too long, didn't read (often before a summary of a text)
TMI too much information
TTYL talk to you later
TW / CW trigger/content warning (a label that warns users about upcoming content)
TY(S/VM) thank you (so/very much)
WB welcome back
WIP work in progress
WTF / TF (what) the fuck
WTH what the heck/hell
YK you know
YOLO you only live once
YW you're welcome