Welcome to my site! Here are some handy tools I made whilst learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!
Base64 Encode/Decode Encode and decode to and from Base64 format
Base64 Image Encode/Decode Encode and decode images to and from Base64 format
Binary Converter Convert to/from binary/octal/decimal/hex
Binary Text Converter Convert to/from binary text
Browser Info Shows basic information about your browser and operating system
Calendar A simple calendar with personal to-do list
Case Changer Change a string to uppercase, lowercase, title case, or sentence case
Color Information Use a color picker or manually input Hexadecimal (Hex), Decimal, RGB(A), HSL(A), CMYK(A), or valid CSS color names, and view conversions and manipulate those colors
Countdown Timer Simple countdown timer with end time display
Countdowns Shows various countdowns until major upcoming holidays
Counter Press a key/button to add one to a counter
Currency Exchange Rates Shows information for various currency conversions
Image Converter Convert images to and from various formats
IP Info Displays your current IP address, and IP provided information
Keycode Information Click any keyboard key to get the key, key location, key code, char code (ASCII), and char code (Unicode)
Length Converter Convert between United States standard length measurements and imperial length units
List Sorter Alphabetize, numerize, randomize, and reverse lists that can be defined with custom separators
Morse Code Converter Convert to/from Morse code
Quick Copy Clipboard display, clear clipboard button, and useful characters
Radical Simplifier Simplify radical expressions
Random Number Generator Generate a random number between two numbers
Regex Tester Test and run regex
Roman Numeral Converter Convert to and from roman numerals, with high level thousand supports (bars above numbers)
Scientific Notation Converter Convert between scientific (e) notation and decimal form
Stopwatch Simple stopwatch (displays down to milliseconds)
SVG to PNG Convert SVG files to PNG images
Temperature Converter Convert between Fahrenheit, Celsius/Centigrade, and Kelvin
Tides Info Shows current tidal information and for the next 7 days
Time Converter Convert between units of time
Time Displays the current time and date (in your time zone), as well as detailed time information
UNIX Time Converter Convert from date strings to UNIX time (in seconds or milliseconds), and back
Weather Info Shows current weather information and alerts
Word Counter Displays total characters, words, sentences, lines, and paragraphs in a piece of text
Coins Info Information about coins that have been and are produced in the United States
Coins List A list of coins I have/need
Euro Coins List of all euro coin designs
Minecraft Formatting Codes List of all Minecraft color and formatting codes
NATO Phonetic Alphabet Code words used by the military/police for letters
Queer Calendar Show LGBTQ+ related events for the current date or an inputted date of the current year
State Abbreviations List of all state abbreviations
Text Abbreviations List of common abbreviations used in text
Tone Indicators List of common tone indicators
Astronomy Picture of the Day View NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)
Magic Eight Ball Ask a question, and it will give you an answer!
MP3 Player Play some music!
Random Fact Generate a random fact
Random Joke Generate a random joke