Tone Indicators:

Tone indicators can be used to express tones or emotions in online messages, and are usually appended to a message.

Tone Indicator Meaning
/aff affectionate
/ay at you
/c copypasta (something copied and pasted everywhere)
/cb clickbait
/cj coping joke
/con concerned
/cr cringey
/crit being critical / giving criticism
/cur curious
/cwh coping with humour
/dkm don't kill me (used with opinions or some jokes)
/dr don't reply
/e embarrassed OR excited
/f fake
/fex for example
/fl flirting
/g or /gen genuine / genuine statement
/gq genuine question
/hj half joking
/hlh half lighthearted
/hs half sarcastic
/hsrs half serious
/hyp hyperbole
/i or /ir ironic
/ij inside joke
/j joke or joking
/l or /ly or /lyr lyric(s)
/lh light hearted
/li literal / literally
/lj or /lhj light (hearted) joke
/lu little upset
/m metaphor / metaphorically OR mocking
/met metaphorical
/mhly misheard lyrics
/mj mostly or mainly joking
/ms mostly sarcastic
/msrs mostly serious
/nav not a vent
/nay not at you
/nb not bragging
/nbh nobody here; not about anybody that would see the message
/nbr not being rude
/nc or /neg negative connotation
/neg negative connotation
/neu neutral / neutral connotation
/nf or /nfta not forcing / not forced to answer
/nm not mad
/non nonsense
/npa not passive-aggressive
/ns not sure
/nsb not sub-posting (refers to someone without mentioning them)
/nsrs not serious
/nsx or /nx or /ns no sexual intent
/ot off topic
/p or /pl platonic (intimate, not sexual)
/pa passive-aggressive
/pc or /pos positive connotation
/pf playful
/pos positive connotation
/pr parental
/q or /quo quote
/r romantic
/ref reference
/rh or /rt rhetorical question
/rp roleplay
/s or /sarc sarcastic / sarcasm
/srs serious
/st still thinking
/sx or /x sexual intent
/t teasing
/tfj 3/4 joking
/th threat
/tic tics
/ui unironic
/vu very upset